At Thomas Child Care and Learning Academy we use a learning curriculum which we believe will  help your child grow, academically and socially;  We also perform regular reviews of your child's progress and choose teaching and learning activities that are best for your child;  With your assistance we also help your child adjust to pre-kindergarten and smoothly move on to kindergarten.  We believe fun learning activities are the best way to gain and keep the interest of your child to be star student.



Theodora Shepherd

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Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

“My daughter attends here and this place has been a true blessing. She has learned a lot and you can definitely tell growth within education and her personally. I would definitely recommend anyone, especially toddlers to this facility. The staff truly cares about the children and is very proactive in giving them true TLC”

Head Start and Pre-K Counts

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